Salkind Piano Duo Festival

The Salkind International Piano Duo Festival honors the legacy of the distinguished American duo, Milton & Peggy Salkind. As graduates of The Julliard School, the Salkind Duo performed extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Milton & Peggy Salkind enriched the four-hand literature by commissioning works from eleven American composers. Appointed president of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 1966, Milton Salkind guided the Conservatory for twenty-four years through its first great period of expansion. Peggy Salkind recently retired from the Conservatory after thirty-eight years of teaching piano and fifteen years as chair of the piano department.

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Milton & Peggy Salkind Piano Duo

The paramount goal of the international piano duo festivals is to elevate the stature of the under-appreciated piano duo genre (two pianos and one piano four hands) in the United States, which will be accomplished through performance, education, and audience development. In addition to public performances by international chamber musicians, educational links between artists and young musicians will be established at the Salkind Junior Festival. Bringing young people together with international artists offers significant educational benefits by providing opportunities for young musicians to discover other cultures through creative interaction with artists from different countries, and each other.  This experience will promote an important artistic link between generations.  Go to the YOUNG ARTISTS page to learn more about the Salkind Junior Festival.